Mackrell.Solicitors has reaffirmed its commitment to a talented barrister-turned-driver and her team in the Porsche Club Boxster Cup Championship Series, renewing its ongoing sponsorship.

The award-winning national and international law firm will see its branding proudly displayed on the Autofarm car and team overalls as they take on this exciting championship at some of the UK’s most famous racetracks.

Following her success in the 2023 Boxster Cup, barrister Sarah Wood returns to the track in 2024 as one of five women racing across the Porsche Club this year.

By day, Sarah is part of 5SAH Chambers, with which Mackrell.Solicitors has a close working relationship.

Sarah said: “My first season was a steep learning curve with lots of take on board, but I slowly improved and I’m now excited to see what 2024 holds as part of the Autofarm team.

“Being part of this team has really changed my perspective on female racing talent. If I had to pick one highlight from the year, it was being part of the grid-walk at the race meeting at Brands Hatch in September, when lots of young girls came onto the grid of 17 cars to find me and my car in order to collect the autographs of the five women on the grid.

“If one of those youngsters now feels inspired to pursue something in life that they had previously thought was not attainable because of their sex, then I have achieved far more than I ever anticipated.”

Sarah also thanked Mackrell.Solicitors’ for their role in her achievements. “None of what I have and hope to achieve would have been possible without the ongoing and unwavering support of Mackrell.

“I am indebted to them for their trust in me and I am glad to be supported by a firm who understand the importance of encouraging and empowering everyone to pursue their goals.”

As sponsors of Autofarm, Mackrell.Solicitors is fulfilling its ambition of supporting female leaders in many fields, which has been the long-term goal of Partner and Head of the Family & Relationship team, Alison Green.

Speaking about the team’s sponsorship, Alison said: “We are excited to see what Sarah can achieve in the upcoming season.

“We all wish Sarah and the team the best of luck as they go into the next season.”